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8/1/06 02:52 pm

im in lawrance, kansas.
its hott ass fuck
waiting for 2 more road dogs to show up.
we had 5 of us and 3 dogs, now its two groups
3 of us, 2 dogs.
2 of them, 1 dog.
hopefully they'll be here soon.
cause its hott as balls.

i was in denver before that, and was almost thrown in jail.
got cuffed and put on a cop car because i matched a discrition that
some mother fucker from oregon had that was carrying hard drugs and had a warrant.
fuck the cops in denver!

email me people.
call me people.

cheers from the hott fucking road.

ps. we might had body lice. we'll find out later
till then. ANTI-BUGS POR VIDA!

i miss yopu all.
live in love.

6/4/06 04:20 am

drink in the night
drink it allll in

when night comes light gives form.
looking up to see specks of light fall to the ground.
wet with a static sound.
they feel like shards of glass tonight.
cutting at the street lamps.
and the wires.
and the backs of us lonely old grubbers.
and im standing in it with my teeth clenched and smiling,
screaming "goddamn this beautifully fucked world that i love."
..the demons always catch up.

5/4/06 02:13 am

im about to loose my fuckin job.
the powers the be in my buisness decided to outsource our work to nicaragua.
so within 2-3 weeks i'll be tanked and incomeless unless.
1. i find a job fuckin soon.
2. i take off again, which is very alluring/troubling.
i dont know.

just shut the fuck up and drink.

4/7/06 01:24 pm

never forget this number.
may save your life someday.
may not.
~a. [yeah its mine, kind of hope you got that.]

1/31/06 03:02 pm

you wanna hear a shitty story? fucking listen to this. LISTEN.

yesterday was the first day at my new job.

12 bones an hour for 5 days a week, full time.
my title is "patient flow control".
i monitor 20 clinics and 5 conference rooms, my job is to assign a room to each patient that is scheduled, then once assigned i page the doctors and practicioners that are assigned to that patient. once this is finished i write them on the white board on..say "room 23: jones" so i know that room 23 is occupied for 1/2-2 hours (whatever is listed). this process continues all day moving patients to different rooms and paging doctors for the exams. in the mean time, when a doctor and patient are finished, it is my responsibility to go to that room ex. room 23, and lay down new wax paper, linens, sterilize all counter tops and instruments. one ive finished that, i go back to the list of rooms and erase "jones" for room 23, making 23 usable from the next available patient. on average each room has 4-5 patients daily which means 100-125 rooms to assign, page, rigister, and clean.

i just got that fucking job, just fucking yesterday!!!! for the first fucking time since november, i had a goddamn job, and i liked it, really i did. but there was only one fucking problem. the frist day i worked, i got sick, and by the end of the day, i was having trouble breathing through my nose. but i was alright. well the day weined on and eventually i got worse and worse, by the end of the evening, i was slobbering around blowing my nose on every hanky i own... that thats a fuckin' gripa hankys. my chest was pounding, head throbbing, nose running, coughing up the devil in chunks, and people were sayin i look dead. sooo, i got to sleep at 4am and woke up at 7am to go to work. i got out of bed and started getting ready, feeling fucking horrible as ever. i went into the bathroom to blow my nose and fucking blood comes out this time... ok. long story short---->

yesterday i started work at a steril hospital, and today, i don't have a job. and you know whats great. i had no fucking chance even. clinic + sick boy new on the job = FIRED

fuck all y'all. if any of you so much as blinks at the thought of lecturing me i'll fucking kill you.

1/26/06 09:19 pm

i got a job!!!! fuckers!!!

12 bones an hour.
8.5 hours a day.
5 days a week.
2 months.
4080 bones before tax.
hella tight fer days/crunk crunk crunk! hahaha!!!

1/20/06 03:55 pm

get this: i was out hella late last night walking. i had a few shots in a bottle, and i was gonna walk down to lake washington. it was raining hard. i had mogwai in my headphones. i began walking and the rain came down more and more. i never really realized how far i was walking, i just kept going down and to the left down down left down and further and further into flooding streets that eventually led me to the lake. it was 3-4 in the morning when i finally reached the park next to the water, the music was playing in my ears with the rain, i stood thre smiling over the silent scenery, i pulled the whiskey out, still had the shots. i was saving them, and here was the place i aimed to enjoy them. i took one drink and let it warm my throat and anything else it could manage, i had been marinated by the rain thoroughly by now, so any alteration of the wet and cold was my neighbor, even it was short lived. i just stood there listening to the music play with my surroundings. then, i noticed something move in the water, about 30 feet out i noticed a black discoloration in the rain pressed surface of the water. it disappeared. i thought i was a log or a short branch. but then it appeared again 20-25 feet from me. it was something swimming for god's sake! it disappeared again and re-appeared again 20-15 feet from the edge. this time i didn't just see a small bit of it, it fucking rose 3 feet out of the water! all i saw was this three feet out of the water black figure, i still had my headphones on so i wasnt able to hear any sounds or anything, but i fucking jumped and took off. i ran for blocks, i don't even know what it was, but its the second time thats heppened to me in two weeks. this time it was much closer and fucking scarier! my god im gonna find out what this is!! tonight! any takers? i got a few knives for you worried fuckers. im dead serious. get ahold of me, and lets go--

1/17/06 10:56 pm

yeh sooo, the update on my ass goes as follows:

the past weekend: been to port angeles and wenatchee with the look kiddies, drank with some interesting fellahs, etc. danced from meals like a fuckin' pro suckas.
today: applied at safeway, trader joes, and the madison market co-op.
tomorry: gots an interview at a temp. agency. hope to god and the stars that i get a job at one of these at least.

cause if i don't, well i've been lazy sort of, but also kind of unlucky, and my options are starting to run out soon. so if i don't find something soon i might have to reduce myself to traveling again. i dunno yet, i'm up in the clouds of decision. we'll see. whatever comes to me is because of my own decisions, so i'll accept whatever i gotta do.

1/3/06 05:28 pm

in a random fucking series of events i managed to wind up on the pacific coast yesterday.
i haven't seen that grip of water since i was 3 feet tall.
it was fuckin' phenomenal!!! true story.
the waves were high, crashing and swooning about like a giant root beer float foaming at the mouth. with the ebb and flow so intense that if you didn't run from it while it was out, you'd be taken down to davey jones' locker right quick. so we'd run up to the turn of the ebb and get chased back by the flow, having to sprint toward a log sometimes the stay above water. then, right before we took off i noticed a sign stuck further out in the water that you could hang on providing you could run out to it before the waves swallowed you. there were 4 signs all together and each one was further into the water. i wanted a shebang ending so i dashed over to the 3rd one just in time to heave myself up before the water rushed past the ground beneath me with crisscrossing waves that went higher and higher in bursts of blue and yellow. i was holding on for maybe 20-30 seconds and then the water drew back again. the next sign was only 50 feet away right where the waves built up for their next thrashing. i jumped down and booked towards the sign, i was only 10 feet away and the wall was already devouring half the sign and by the time i scampered up the thing it was covered practically. the biggest problem after that was that the tide stayed in for a good few minutes. here i was perched on a sign waiting for neptune's hand to finish me off. finally there was a window of 20 feet between me and the tide edge. i jumped down figuring i could just haul ass out of the water, but those fucking waves were savage, seriously, it felt like a giant arm was pulling me back into the water. but hey, i'm still alive. i got out and was soaked head to toe for a good two hours, it was tiiight as fuuck. cheers to new years.

11/25/05 08:35 am


A Poem:
Lao Tzu
Te #7(44)

Name or person,
which is nearer?
Person or property,
Which is dearer?
Gain or loss,
Which is drearier?

Many loves entail great costs,
Many riches entail heavy losses.

Know contentment and you shall not be disgraced,
Know satisfaction and you shall not be imperiled;
then you will long endure.

11/24/05 11:45 pm

I'm sitting here under the tobacco yellow light of the only diner that's open for business with a smoking section. Also the only establishment to keep the fluorecent glow of their sign on during this lonely peer and family starved thanksgiving day. I'd have to say that it's a blessing and a curse to be one of the empty handed family members that's had to replace the full coarse meal of turkey bellies and home-made stuffing with a black tar brew and hand-rolled puffing.
The blessing comes from the fact that I woke up this morning with stale beer and inaudible words flowing from my mouth, and to be around the family (a father in one house, a mother in another, coming together to meet with a family of five. two married sisters that popped out seven nephews and nieces that run around my legs shouting threats of mutiny, a younger brother, and a twin brother) of which i love dearest to the end for all of the strong suits, quirks, and strange and wonderful things that could flower when all under one roof, but in my sort of condition, it is screaming verbal disaster. Give it another day. Maybe by then i'll have the mental caliber to be under the cross hairs of aged advice for a "lost boy" and the occasional joking prods about my dirty ass in a dumpster(a family tradition).
The curse on the other hand is much simpler. No family, No dinner, a hearty list of calls made, a hungry list of calls received. In which case I find myself here. Next to the homeless couple that ordered and is now enjoying, one basket of all you and eat fish, chicken, and fries as their royal dinner.
Bullocks though, i'll hang the sense of it. I was never big on turkey anyway, and the chicken king and fish queen don't really seem to be shitting bricks over the lack of it either.

ps. the term "bullocks" was shoved into my vocab. via Nick Hornby's - High Fidelity, a damn good book.

10/28/05 05:36 pm

1 hawk skull
1 cat skull
1 squirrel skull
1 coyote skull
1 chipmonk skull
1 skunk skull
1 deer skull
1 ------ skull (its illegal, sorry folks, i guess
you'll have to come visit me to see it)
and counting.

10/25/05 12:50 am

i work for 8 hours tomorrow(tuesday).
someone come by my work and bug me.
it gets mindless sometimes.
i'll even by you coffee if you come on my lunch!

10/14/05 11:04 pm

it's cold out there
colder than an alarm clock ringin'
in my ear, on my day off..

miles davis is sleepin' in the speakers,
and we haven't even hit the bar.

*back from the bar

cheers to 8 days of work in a row suckafishes.
cheers to great friends-
the beard with wishful mohawk tendencies
the oil stained cap that spent six months in the mug
the bartender that drinks to drunk so he can
tolerate the next 3 hours of fools hollerin' new
york on his baseball t
the similar soul of flannel - outside and in
the angel with disheveled wings(true story)
the guts that i love
the work mate of which i dare not speak
the gift giver that wears the lions i gave
the man shiverin' the whole night through(the writer)

bless you all

10/12/05 12:13 am

lame city - true story.

ps. FUCK YOU. with love. (a message to nobody in particular)

9/30/05 04:09 am

tragedy and mala sangre were fuckin' phenomenal! ...
tragedy and mala sangre were fuckin' phenomenal! ahh...

now i'm broke.

tecate and gin(the goddamn card game, i ain't no drunk)
pissin' on an suv... and my shoes.
i was propositioned by a fucking crazy local poet nut
that was bisexual. i was kinda pissed too. i thought
he was just a nice guy lookin' for a nice conversation.
fuck no! the codger was lookin' for m'balls!... ask me.
i'll tell the story later. my hands are lazy.

ps. NEW JOB! haha last one sucked ass.
pps. i think i have polio, carpel tunnle, or arthritis in my left wrist. one of'em!

9/24/05 02:39 am - Baahhhmmm

we've all been fucked up.
true story.

"i'm so hyper right now i could kill a horse with my fists." - a.m.wood... damn i'm tight.

yakima = best town on earth
anyone that disagrees... well go fucking bitch elsewhere, not on my live journal.

jamie, please move here, we all long for jamie lovin'.

crack cocaine is a terrible way to run a fruit stand. hah...

oh yeah.
i live in a tent.
in my backyard.
long story, sorta.

i'm fucking done with traveling for a bit, i forgot how many gems
i left behind here. nothin' fake, nothin' transient, nothin' at all
worthles, just family. all fucking beautiful. all mine. i don't just
mean flesh and blood. i mean the whole fuckin' works kiddos.

i've gone through a shit ton of hard stuff in the past few months. just
like everyone has i'm sure. if you haven't, then you wouldn't get it
in the first place.

what makes livin' here worth it:
care from my friends and me to them, and love the same, unconditionally.
laughter all around, all the time.
ramblin' on and on and on and on...
runnin' the mouth to whoever wants to know.
orderin' a drink from the bar with a guy pickin' shit... i turn around, the boys are already at my back, we'll roll if we've got to. because we're all we have.
shows where people come to love the music and the people
zippos, hah zippos. nuff said.
my diamond-back cards. playin' OH DAMN!, bullshit, egyptian rat fuck, poker, texas, russia, speed, etcccc. with every blessed soul i know. i bought the deck a few weeks back, and its been broke-in lemme tell yeh.
being a worthless soul without christ, but because of his mercy and grace i am a child of God! holy and blameless! with righteousness as fucking filthy ass rags! yet he loves me.
the coffee, the cups and coffee cups!! ahhh. i go crazzyyy. pockets full of it!
crying with each other, or giving more than just a fucking shoulder.

ok i'll think of more later, im fucking tired.
night folks. love. love. xo

if this doesnt make much sense... well fuck, its my journal. i just felt like writing.

i miss everyone, and looove them with all my guts.
all seattle, denver, sac, e-burg, wherever the fuck you are sweethearts.

6/23/05 03:56 pm

i accidentally got blood all over the side of garrett's
shorts that i'm borrowing for work. random. i didn't even
notice it until it was too late. in fact, i didn't even
know i was cut up.

aundrea revilla - i dumpstered a japanese board game that
i think you'd enjoy, i'll send it whenever i get the chance.
i mean, you can't really play it unless you somehow manage
to learn to read japanese in a matter of days. but hell,
its cool. oh, and tell chelsea i found a picture also, that
she may take interest in.

damn its a fine fuckin' day.
i love working my ass off. (since i don't really have an ass
i'm assuming its slowly becoming concave... oh well)

to all who dont know - i work now, at radford court. its this
huge booshy ass apartment complex. my job entails all landscaping
responsibilities. its hard work, rain or shine, but i love it.
i get to see the fruits of my labor right away, i like that.
my hours are mon-fri 6:30am-3:30pm.


ps. yesterday i was at work in my underwear. briefs. wooo!

6/20/05 05:56 pm

i am an iron mannn.

-word up

6/15/05 04:35 am

up all fucking night, damn.

ive been:
-working on some anti-propaganda posters
-smoking a lot
-zombie crashing
-r.s.w.[reading, singing, writing]
-using a lot of sharpie
-groovin' immortal technique[mc], exhaust[band], and randomly/accidentlly[Extreme - More Than Words], hah.
-working at a screen[aghhhhh]


this is tight ass hell, hah. -->


6/10/05 07:29 pm

"Having been raised in fear and reverence of
existing social codes, I was amazed to learn
that there were men who actually dared live
like those in books or movies."

this feels great to read...
hello to resemblance.

fuckin' aye

6/9/05 10:33 pm

the cabaret always comes around.

forever drinking.
forever smoking.
forever high.
forever living.
forever breathing.
forever speaking.
forever hollering.
forever riding.

its like when you step outside when the snow falls hard.
you run out to a street lamp and look up. and you just
float upwards. spiraling and shifting. always up. its
fucking great. drunk as a fish.


6/7/05 11:34 pm

i usually battle sleep till morning.
but its always a battle.
i've just gotten so used to it that it doesnt even feel like one anymore.
my thoughts have been sailing fast and franticlly towards
thier goal. bending and swooning this way and that. taking
me from place to place. through pains and perils. as if
the goal was great enough to compell me even aginst all
sufferings. as if in the end, it would be worth all the
hardships. i suppose thats what desire is for. the ultimate
desire for the greatest feeling. the trails are between
you and that feeling are hard, but its what makes it worth
the effort. but what is the greatest desire? absolute freedom?
absolute love? absolute faith?

6/1/05 01:25 pm

so a few weeks ago i found a bike.
and now shes ready. set.
her name is "jehu".

its gonna be tight as hell.
ridin' the four corners.

5/27/05 09:04 pm

my life has been turning with the clockwork. though i'm never
aware of the time. there are bags full of dumpstered salads
and potatoes, or filled this my disheveled papers and books.
a full month of writing and moving, and not sleeping. wandering
the city at night. a sore eyed sleeper longing for his bed. for
his rest and piece of mind. the wonderful times at coffee where
i read to learn, and write to express my love for life can sometimes
become sessions of endless searching. the pages will often
turn less frequently, the words often flow less freely, and
the coffee grows colder on some nights.

i experience variations of beauty everyday.
but sometimes i just want one sort of beauty.
a simple one.
one thats smiles back at me.

i fed a spider a dying moth.
i ate lunch with a squirrel one morning in the park.

4/16/05 02:32 pm

thanks be to god for the trip.

sac kids are fucking tight as hell.
crashing on bikes.
being mad.

fuck the embassy suites!

2/21/05 11:54 pm

my bike and i came reeling up summitview and on down 40th.
i took off at 6 o'clock roughly and the milling of off work traffic
was at a steady vroom screech vroom. myself being in the middle
of all of it, and with two wheels short of the pushing pack i was
crowned the "new reason to use a horn" for the evening. fortunately
for me, i knew my traffic based liberties and pedaled on to my
own accord without so much as a turned shoulder at my intersection.
i might add that i pulled a beauty of a track stand on that single
intersection. whereupon i made my way across a set of tracks and
on into a diner. so nonethefuckingless, it was a great night for a
ride stop sit smoke read dine read stand ride. now im home.
and cozzzy.
~ amw

~ this journal entry is dedicated to the remarkable journalist/writer~
.::hunter s. thompson 1937-2005::.

2/17/05 08:04 pm

so much time is wasted slobbering over bullshit that
doesn't get you another step further in the right
if i saw this town one last time, one last day, i'd make
same with any other place.
so, since this is the last time i'll ever see this day, hell
even this hour, i'll make it count.

(note) i wrote this because life has been great for me
these past few weeks. because i've been doing and
going and working and loving, and i want to do it more!!
so its more of a "YEAH!" to keep the good life on or off
the road rollin'!... fuckin' kids life forever! yeah!
~ amw

2/16/05 03:22 pm

hijo de puta! hah ~
my name is inigo montoya ~
you killed my father ~
prepare to die! ~
good god ~ i am from the spanish main.
the first icon of myself... ever!
~ amw

ps. i love how too cool people are to
comment on funny things like this.

2/14/05 03:15 am

the curiosity of my life is calling me to move again.
don't quite know where i'll be going.
or who i'll be with.
but i'll be heading out march 7th-10th until otherwise noted.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"I expect to pass through this world but once;
any good thing therefore that I can do, or any
kindness that I can show to any fellow creature,
let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it,
for I shall not pass this way again."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
if anyone is curious about my upcoming tattoo.
just take a quick eye shot at my actual journal.
here -->http://www.livejournal.com/~overlandaaron
(hint) its the boys on the right.

~ amw... cheers

2/10/05 07:54 pm

heres how i spent my day.Collapse )
came to an old place i used to come to back then.
i used sit, read, write, smoke, and meditate.
this time i did the same.
i also spoke with a woman that works at the business on the property.
apparently they came down there recently and the place was thrashed.
once she said the table was broken.
the statue was broken.
beer cans littered the place.
and an old wooden chime hanging from a tree was stolen.

what the fuck is with some people.
i swear i'd beat the shit from them if i knew who it was.
why do people do this? really.
i don't understand how some people have such a hard time respecting
things. be it people. places. things. whatever.

i mean this time i came down and the statue was overturned.
and the street sign was in the creek near the spot.

its such a beautiful place.
its always been good to me.
im not about to let some stupid janky kids ruin my world.
lord knows im honest.
~ amw

ps. if anyone has a wooden chime they ain't usin'. im in the market.

2/6/05 02:42 am

its an obvious expression.
a most common one.
pain. suffering. sadness. a wrinkled brow.
since i was a kid i could see it. no matter how often i'd see
it in people, or view it from afar. it would still be apparent.
always louder than happiness, always more distinguished.
now for the love of all. how is it that we seem to observe
this so much more throughout life. in the media. in prayer
requests. in discussion. in books. in everything we see.
it is so clearly portrayed. but then... without this. how could
we determine happiness. joy. providence. a wrinkled brow.
like the purest white snow that falls tonight. a natural white.
a natural bright beauty it is. but without the aid of this artificial
light from the street lamp i could see none of its beauty.
without it, it seems virtually nonexistent. but again... if we
need pain to see joy then maybe. just maybe it isnt pain for
joy. but joy for pain. in this way --> joy, is there to contrast
pain. in so joy reveals pain. it pin points it. therefore by its
revelation, we are able to take that joy and replace that pain.

true i feel we see pain and suffering greater that happiness
and joy. but maybe that should change. make it so "every-
thing was (and is) beautiful, and nothing hurt" ~kvj.

father, my request is that beauty may bleed.
for our sake.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
this is a thought that seems to crush my mind the most today.
i'd love to hear thoughts. questions. comments. a wrinkled brow.
~ amw

2/5/05 12:41 am

been playin' elizabeth cotton's freight train, all day long.
my fingers are bruised blue.
from sun up to sun down you could hear the twang of my old
grandfathers rusty tobacco gibson.
i haven't pulled it out in years. but for some reason learnin'
freight train felt just right with it.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
if yer out in yakima.
out real late.
driving through the downtown near the tracks.
you'll see an occasional streak of grey and a small orange glow.
its me and my bicycle beauty with a cherry burnin' bright.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
i'm countin' the days.
the times a commin'.
~ amw

2/3/05 03:52 pm

southern washington works fine.
suns been warming.
gravel and dirt wash on well,
when your fixin' to move about the way i do.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
pulled a few thorns from my black lab's paw a few days back, when we we're walking.
she had a hard time settling down to let me do it too.
its funny that way,
seein' as how i'm so close with her and she knows i only mean well.
i guess we all get touchy though -- when we're hurt.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
on writing...
crushed and crooked lines,
weaving and working vines,
sometimes it comes out in petals,
sometimes it comes out in metals.
~ amw
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